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Affordable Quality Human Resource

  • Skilled labor force of 29 million
  • Literacy rate of 95%
  • 3rd largest English speaking nation
  • META ranked Philippines No. 4 worldwide in availability of knowledge workers
  • 380,000 graduates/year
  • Western-patterned educational system
  • Strong work ethic, consultative/customer-oriented mind set
  • Quality management staff
  • Easily trainable
  • Low attrition rate
  • Lower costs: approximately one-fifth the cost of the US and Europe

Affinity to Western Culture

  • World-class English proficiency
  • Similar form of government structure
  • US GAAP adopted Accounting Systems
  • Legal system/contracts similarity
  • Same media sources
  • Strong familiarity with Western culture yet open and easily adaptable to other cultures

Strategic Location

  • Located in the fastest growing outpost of high-tech economy
  • Gateway of international shipping and airlines (FEDEX, UPS, etc.)
  • Critical entry point to over 500 million ASEAN market
  • Accessible by air within four hours from any Asian capital (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan)

Hospitable Lifestyle: Expatriates’ top choice for quality of life

  • Friendly people
  • Value-for-money housing
  • Modern recreational facilities
  • First- rate educational institutions (International schools: British School, German school, Japanese school, Mandarin school, etc,) Source: Far Eastern Economic Review, Political & Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), May 2000.

Expanding Infrastructure

  • High quality, low cost bandwidth, expanding domestic network with 6 platforms available: fixed line, cellular, cable TV, over the air TV & radio and VSAT system)
  • Redundant international connectivity: fiber optic cable and satellite
  • Bandwidth cost declined by 70% over the last 4 years
  • Presence of dedicated IT parks with fiscal incentives offer
  • Availability of IT-enabled floor area

Strong Government Support

  • The Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (ITECC) was formed to oversee, review, update the national promotion strategy for E-Commerce
  • President Arroyo chairs this government-private council
  • Availability of investment incentives

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