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The current situation calls for an opportunity to set up a Technical/Vocational School which will train the current pool of college and high school graduates in order to be employed in the BPO industry. FEED Project will be the major proponent in setting up CallHaven Center for I.T. Education in the Asia Pacific (CITE Asia Pacific). Unlike other IT Schools in the Philippines, CITE Asia Pacific will be distinct as it will offer higher quality, and internationally recognized short courses for FREE. The school will set up a revolving fund which will finance part of the cost of education of a candidate.  CITE Asia Pacific will establish a partnership with CallHaven Inc. which will provide employment for all of the Centers’ graduates and fully pay for the cost of education so that other beneficiaries may avail of the same opportunity. This model will also be applied to other BPO companies who are in need of highly trained employees.  Special short courses will be offered for specific needs as the partnerships with other companies are established.  Moreover, CITE Asia Pacific will also seek partnerships with leading IT companies in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia Pacific in order to be in touch with the needs of the IT industry.

CITE Asia Pacific will establish five main facilities in 5 key cities in the Philippines namely: 1) Greater Manila Area or the National Capitol Region, 2) Calabarzon Region, 3) Cebu, 4) Davao, and 5) Cagayan de Oro. It will also establish satellite training schools in smaller but economically important cities such as: 1) Baguio City 2) Ilo-Ilo City 3) Iligan City 4) Angeles City 5) Bacolod City and 6) Zamboanga City. The main consideration to the roll out plan is the presence of adequate telecommunication infrastructure as well as the presence of university and other academic institutions.

Aside from focusing on the BPO industry, CITE Asia Pacific will also form tie ups with local medical institutions in order to tap opportunities in the medical services outsourcing business (e.g. medical transcription, medical tourism etc.). Thus, it will be also a training ground for IT enabled medical courses.


Graduates of the FEED Project will be correspondingly employed at CallHaven Inc. which is envisioned to become a premier contact center and outsourced service provider in the Philippines. Unlike most BPO companies, CallHaven Inc. will provide employment primarily to graduates of CITE Asia Pacific. It will set up facilities using the latest technologies in key areas in the Philippines namely: 1) Greater Manila Area or the National Capitol Region, 2) Calabarzon Region, 3) Cebu, 4) Davao, 5) Cagayan de Oro, 6) Baguio City, 7) Ilo-Ilo City, 8) Iligan City, 9) Angeles City, 10) Bacolod City, and 11) Zamboanga City.

There will be 4 facilities in the National Capital Region and 3 in the CALABARZON area for a total of 16 contact centers. These centers will complement the learning facilities of CITE Asia Pacific.


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